We wanted to share some incredible Outdoor Cooking offers and recipe ideas to make the most delicious Easter food using Weber, Ooni and Grillstream.

You won't be able to resist! 


Want to cook the perfect chicken? Elevate your roast using a Weber Roaster on your BBQ, loved by Jamie Oliver! 

Up until the 30th of April you can enjoy Weber's FREE ROASTER & THERMOMETER offer. Buy one of the participating barbecues instore & register it at weber.com until 31.05.2024 to receive a free roaster & thermometer worth over £95. 


Introducing the Grillstream Smash Grill. Featuring a single planch grill it's a perfect surface for an Easter breakfast - we're thinking fried eggs for toast or thick pancakes with chocolate or syrup! 


Easter treats in a Pizza Oven? You heard right! Why not try this delicious oozing chocolate calzone stuffed with Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs and Mascarpone using the Karu Pizza oven. Read the Creme Egg Mascarpone Calzone recipe. 

You can now buy the Karu Pizza Oven and Gas Burner for £328.99 Saving a MASSIVE £50 

Everyone knows Easter and hot cross buns come hand in hand, so for your springtime feast this year, try these delicious tear-apart skillet buns cooked low and slow in your Ooni Pizza Oven.   

Try Tear-apart Hot Cross Buns. 

We hope you enjoy some Easter fun and get creative with these delicious recipes outdoors!