At Coletta & Tyson Garden Centre, we take our responsibility towards caring for the environment very seriously. 

We fully realise that our everyday activities have an impact on our surrounding environment. We are working towards reducing our impact and improving our natural environment as much as we can. 

The local community is very important to us. Being a family run business, we have the capability to help support schools, charities, and other businesses across the local area.


Reduction of peat 

We are committed to supporting a reduction in the amount of peat used in composts and soil improvers in Mainland UK and therefore, the number of peat-based products available at the Garden Centre.

Our plants are grown in completely peat free soil and we fully support the movement of stocking only peat free composts in the near future.

However, at the present time, we continue to offer products containing peat to give customers choice at a time when many may be uncertain of the alternative.


Environmental initiatives

We use up to 10,000 litres of wter each day in the summer here at the garden centre.  We are collecting rainwater in our local reservoirs and looking at ways to reduce and improve our water consumption.



With the amount of packaging we receive with all our deliveries, we have already managed to reduce the amount of waste we produce and increased the percentage of the amount we can recycle.  We will continue to work towards increasing this percentage year on year. 

If we can make use of renewable resources, we will do so.  For example, we are looking at ways of re-using our waste to make compost which in turn, can be used around the centre to nourish our planted areas.


Energy Conservation

Lighting an area as large as the garden centre is always going to use up a great deal of energy but there are plenty of things we can do to reduce the amount we use.

For example, we have sensors in public toilets which ensure the lights only come on when someone enters.

We manage to control the lighting in the car park, outdoor plant area and the entrance, partly by using photo-cells.  These mean that the light flows more freely and meets less resistance than traditional lighting.

Thermostats and timeclocks are fitted to the oil fired heating throughout the garden centre with thermostats on all radiators in the offices.  This is a simple method of controlling heat and one step that you can easily take at home – not only will you be able to manage your heating more effectively, thermostats will also help reduce your bills!



By increasing the number of plants in your garden and the green space around you, not only will this improve our local habitat, it will also reduce the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere and help to offset the emissions created by our homes and workplaces. 

Working with the community is a priority here at Coletta & Tyson and by joining forces with local schools & villages we raise awareness of the importance of working together – on the environment, socially and economically.

We continue to support and raise awareness of initiatives from the local area in order to create new and build existing relationships with many community ventures and charities.



At Coletta & Tyson it is very important to us to source FSC certified products and have a genuine commitment to the environment and our planet.

All of our wood suppliers are also committed to sourcing from FSC- certified forests and choose slow growing woods to manufacture their products.

Our commitment to sustainability is a fundamental part of our brand ethos and ensuring our products are as sustainable as possible is better for us, our customers and all of our futures.


Our Sourcing Policy

Fresh Produce and Ingredients

By supporting local producers and growers from as near to the garden centre as possible, we provide our visitors with fresh, seasonal fare in both the Café and food department. 

The producers that we support readily share our ethos of creating delicious produce with many of their ingredients sourced locally too.  And we are delighted that so many of our visitors are supporting this policy, in turn helping to ensure the market for such artisan produce continues.


Eco-Friendly Products

Wherever possible, we continue to source products that are produced from recycled materials, renewable sources or eco-friendly products.  Our current ranges even include baby products such as teethers made from recycled plastics.


Organic Products

With so much interest in growing your own fruit and vegetables and organically grown produce, organic food ranges will always be our preferred choice so that you know you have the best choices here at Coletta &Tyson.


Ethical Trading

If we can, we will also opt for Fairtrade products.  These help towards making sure workers outside the EU benefit from a better deal – which in turn will lessen poverty and create continued development overseas.


Plants and Bulbs  

By offering a five year guarantee on all our hardy plants, you know that we only offer the highest quality plants, shrubs and trees. We grow most our plants ourselves at our local sites, what we can't produce ourselves we get from high quality wholesales to ensure the standard is high across our full plant ranges.