Our company started by growing our own produce and plants and we are proud that over the years we have expanded on this and have grown our capabilities to provide the best crop and prices for our customers.

The majority of plants we sell in our garden centre have been grown by us in our East Yorkshire Nurseries. We have growing sites across the East Riding of Yorkshire which means none of our plants have travelled more than 20 miles to be on our shelves. Across our business we are always looking out for the environment and are trying to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, the reduced amount of plant miles our plants have to travel is a huge contribution to reaching our goals of being as “green” as possible in the future.

Our plants are available to buy instore and we have new stock available every week including lots of different seasonal varieties. Pop instore to our plant department to view our current stock.

Looking for something specific? Drop us a message on our social media platforms or email us on garden.centre@coletta.co.uk