Our Christmas department has now launched instore, we have 5 decoration themes for you to explore. Some themes are new for 2023 and we are excited to welcome everyone instore to take a look.  


Our first theme is a classic in most family's houses year in year out, if you don’t have this theme in your home, you’ll certainly know someone who does. This theme is CHRISTMAS CLASSICS and focuses on shades of reds, gold and green, incorporating Christmas figures and classic icons. 

We love a classic tree, and this is the largest Christmas collection we have instore so there will be something that will suit any home this year. 




CANDY CANE LANE is a new theme this year. In 2022 we had a small section of candy cane lane within our classic theme, this was incredibly popular last year so we have gone big for 2023. Candy cane lane is based around oversized sweets, large gingerbread and contrasting red and white stripes, we have incorporated softness with elements of baked goods and bakery mice. We love this take on such a bold theme. You either love it or you hate it!  

This is our opening theme instore, and we even have a candy cane forest, as well as Santa's throne. Remember we would love to see your photos from your visits. Don’t forget to tag us or use our hashtag on social media #acolettaxmas. 



One of our new themes for this year is ENCHANTED FOREST, this theme has been developed from our growing love of autumn products. We bought into this theme as we personally loved it and think it is a gorgeous twist on Christmas décor. Enchanted Forest focuses a lot on nature, mushrooms, berries and leaves, in a luxurious way. Using rich tonnes of oranges, pinks, greens and browns to complete the theme.   

Our staff love this theme and is one that we hope you will all love in your home.  


Our next theme instore is WINTER WOODLAND. In 2022 we had a theme called Frosted Friends and this was a firm favourite with our customers and our staff, so we had to bring it back. This theme focusses more on natural warmer elements with wooden animals and richer blues whereas last years featured more cooler, icy tones. 


Our final theme of the year is another new one! Introducing COSY NIGHTS which is new for 2023 and is our more minimalistic theme. Cosy nights is styled around neutral colours including browns, golds, white and blacks, the theme also incorporates a lot of soft furnishings, stars and natural shapes.  

We love this theme, and we know if you’re a minimalist Christmas can be overwhelming, and you may feel pressured to change your style. This theme allows you to keep your simplistic style whilst joining in with the festivities.  


We really hope that we have something for everyone this year, whether you're looking to expand on an existing collection or you want to start from scratch pop instore and take a look! 

October 20, 2023