With the recent upsurge of warm weather, our minds are firmly focused on all things summer.

One thing we love in particular, is how the warm weather brings a whole host of new friends to our gardens and outdoor spaces. In the coming weeks you will notice an increase in the number of butterflies we see fluttering around and perching on flowers, it is a truly beautiful sight.

With a third of UK butterfly species in decline, it’s crucial we all take steps to protect the ones we do have. A fun way to achieve this is to build a ‘butterfly café’ in your garden, don’t worry – you can put your toolbox away! A butterfly café is simply a term to describe a section of your garden dedicated to helping our winged friends.

You don’t need a huge garden or outdoor space to create a butterfly garden, you just need a small area dedicated to their favourite plants. Butterflies love strongly scented flowers such as Marigolds, Lavender, Wallflower and even herbs such as chives and thyme!

Now for the fun part – you can get as creative as you want in displaying these flowers, perhaps you have an old pair of wellies in the shed that have seen better days? Why not use these to grow your butterfly café. Not only will it make for an unusual garden feature, but it will also attract plenty of butterflies (and moths!) to your garden.

Be sure to call in and visit our plants department where you will find a vast selection of plants, you may even see a few butterflies hanging around which will make it even easier to work out which plants they prefer!

July 19, 2021