Earth day is on the 22nd of April 2023, this is a worldwide day to bring together individuals and companies to join the fight to save our planet. Earth day is about raising awareness about the impacts of our daily activities and choices we make. From reducing waste, carbon emissions and landfill there are many things we can change to help save our environment. 

Our Solar Panels  

At Coletta and Tyson the environment is something we consider in every aspect of our company. We have multiple sites which house solar panels, these produce some of electricity we use across our sites. In 2022 we generated enough electricity to power 177 homes for a year! 

Our Ground Source Heat Pump 

Another way we are trying to support our planet is by using alternative heating methods, so we have replaced some of our gas boilers across our sites with alternative methods such as our ground source heat pump and air sources. In 2021 we invested over a quarter of million pounds to make the change from a gas boiler to our ground source heat pump to power our garden centre and greenhouses. These changes are part of our ongoing pledge to help be a more sustainable company. 

Our Reservoir  

We are currently in the process of building a new reservoir at one of our sites and we have one existing reservoir that is hugely successful at reusing rainwater for us to use, for example, to water our plants. In 2021 we saved nearly 7.5million litres of water by using our reservoir.  

Becoming Peat Free 

Our most popular 6 and 9 pack bedding plants that we grow and sell in our garden centre are not only grown in peat free compost but are also in 100% recycled plastic packaging. Peat is produced from the natural process of decaying materials which is bad for our environment in large scales. The peat holds a lot of carbon which when the peatland is disturbed, this carbon gets released into the atmosphere. Peatland also makes the perfect home for eco-systems such as wildlife and plants, once the peatland is dug up to be used in compost these eco-systems are destroyed. By 2024, the government have announced that retailers will not be allowed to sell compost containing peat. However, wholesale growers are still allowed to grow their crop using peat. We do not think this is necessary and all our plants we grow ourselves are now grown in peat free compost! 

Reducing Plastic Waste  

In our garden centre we have launched a plastic pot swap, this will be at our till points. You are welcome to come and take the pots you need; all we ask in return is if you have any spare or when you have planted a new plant in your garden that you donate the pot back into our pot swap for someone else to use.  

We strongly support Earth Day and as a company and as individuals we will work together to make a better future for everyone.  

April 21, 2023