1 – Create a bee café

As mentioned in our previous article, a bee café is a fantastic way to attract more wildlife to your garden. Simply find a suitable planter and fill it with a variety of bee-friendly plants! These include Lavender, Bluebeard, Single Dahlias plus many more. Children can then sit back and be proud of their hard work as they watch the bees buzz to their café!

2 – Decorating plant pots

This is a fun activity that is sure to buy you at least an hour of peace! Grab the arts and crafts box and unleash the kids on some plain plant pots, not only will this let them indulge in their creative side – it’ll help to brighten up your garden!

3 – Weeding challenge

Kids love a competition, why not set them the task of seeing who can pull the most weeds up in 10 minutes? Not only do you save yourself a job, but you also get your gardening maintenance done a lot quicker and easier! Just be sure to remind them what counts as a weed, we don’t want any destroyed flower beds!

4 – Watering the plants

We have plenty of small watering cans perfect for little hands. Why not give them the responsibility of having one patch of flowers or veggies that they’re in charge of watering? They can then track the growth progress of their plants. If you feel particularly brave you could even let them loose with the hose pipe!

5 – Looking after the birds

Children love to sit and watch the birds flying in and out of the garden. Help them encourage them by adding bird feeders and stocking up on bird seed. The children could also keep a chart of what birds they’ve seen in the garden. Click the link below for lots and lots of fun activities from the RSPB - https://bit.ly/3x4kxqR


Make sure you call in and check out our gardening tool section, we have plenty of children’s tools available that are ideal for any mini gardener.

July 29, 2021