Although cats are cute, we can all agree we don’t appreciate them using our gardens as a litter tray, especially when they aren’t our cats! 

Well we have a non toxic solution for you. Helichrysum Italicum, commonly known as Curry plants! These are a small bushy evergreen shrub that smells of curry, they are a silver/grey leafed plant with yellow flowers in the summer months. By strategically planting curry plants around your garden borders or in areas where cats visit, you can create a natural deterrent that encourages them to find alternative spots for their bathroom breaks. Cats are sensitive to the aroma that these plants produce making it a great hack to keep the cats away! 


 Although we cannot guarantee these will keep the cats away from your flower beds we have noticed lots of people going wild for this cheap and natural hack, and we agree. We know how it feels to be in a losing battle with your neighbour's cat. So if you have exhausted every other hack, why not try this one and if it doesn't keep the cats away at least they are a pretty plant that will last in your garden. 


We grow our own curry plants at our local growing site less than 20 miles from our garden centre, at just £2 per plant these are a great addition to your space whether you struggle with cats or not! 

April 17, 2024