Our 4Pets team consists of several passionate individuals all with a love of animals. Lets introduce them. 


Connor our Pets and Aquatic Manager: 

Connors’s specialism is Reptiles he has a degree in Zoology with Herpetology.  

Connors top tip: all reptiles and amphibians should be provided with UV light exposure and the correct thermostat on the corresponding heat source essential for controlling the environmental conditions in the enclosure. These components are fundamental in providing proper Reptile welfare.  

His Favourite animal is a Perentie (Varanus giganteus) because they are amazing! They look so cool, they create extensive burrows and like all monitor lizards are extremely intelligent. 


Charlie our Assistant Pets and Aquatic Manager:

Charlie’s Specialism is Animal Behaviour and is interested in all animals across our department. Charlies top tip is to always research what different behaviours of our pets mean to understand if they are happy or not.

 His favourite animal is a Chimp because there is still a lot of behaviours that we do not understand about them. 


Hannah our Aquatics Assistant 

Hannah's specialism is Aquatics but is also interested in Small Mammals. Her top tip on aquatics is to treat your tank like an ecosystem by adding live plants and natural materials.  

 Hannah's favourite animal is a guinea pig, they have such big personalities in tiny little bodies, she has 7 at home! 



Jade our Animal Assistant:

Jade spent her education in Bishop Burton college doing a Diploma in Animal Management and since has completed a degree in Animal Behaviour and Training.   

Jade is interested in all groups of animals but particularly loves Reptiles and Dogs especially beloved Bull Mastiff Harold.


Alongside these members of the team we have more talented individuals that are happy to help with any questions you may have about your current or future pets.  

November 22, 2023