Our real Christmas Trees have landed! 

We have beautiful Fraser Firs, Nordman Firs & Norway Spruce varieties available for you to choose from in a range of different sizes with our 3ft Norway Spruce starting from as little as £12! We suggest collecting your tree as early as possible so it’s fresh from harvesting! 

Why buy from us? 

  • Our Trees are locally sourced meaning we use less emissions to supply them! 
  • We keep all our Real Christmas Trees undercover meaning they're dry and ready to go without the mess. 
  • You can browse our Christmas Trees at your leisure and pick the one you love. With lots of our trees you can pick “The One” which we will then net and pop in a trolley or you to take away. 
  • We also stock a selection of beautifully decorated Christmas Pomanders, Wreaths and Hanging Baskets too! Pop in and browse our range starting from £12.

Need some tips on how to look after your Real Christmas Tree and our top tips with what to do with them after the festive season. 

First things First 

Firstly, be careful not to damage or dirty the base of the tree when collecting and set it in water as soon as you get home. Take it out of its netting and give it a good shake. It's essential you do this on the day you bring it home to give your tree the best possible start indoors. 

Choose The Right Stand For Your Tree 

Just like your houseplants, your real Christmas tree likes to be well-watered and potted in an appropriate container. Be sure to choose a stand that’s big enough for your tree and avoid shaving down the trunk to fit a smaller pot as these outer pores absorb water most effectively. We stock a range of stands instore and our friendly members of staff are on hand to help you choose the right one. 

Our Horticultural Managers TOP TIP: “Buy a stand that’s bigger than what you need, this way it always gives you room to buy a bigger tree the year after if you want to. Tree stands can last you years!” 

Water Your Tree Regularly 

Keep an eye on the water levels in your stand and top up regularly to ensure the base is always submerged. A real tree can absorb around 1-2 litres of water per day, however a cut tree will keep hydrated with less. 

Keep it cool 

The colder you can keep its environment, the better your real Christmas tree’s chances of survival. Avoid placing your tree in direct sunlight or near heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces. This will help slow the drying process and reduce needle loss. 

When It’s Time to Take Down the Decorations 

If your tree is cut: 

  • Transport it to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre for recycling. 
  • Find out if your local council offers a collection service. You might receive a flyer or see a public notice with more details. If not, contact your council to confirm what recycling options they offer. 

If your tree is pot grown: 

  • Transplant it into your garden. 
  • Re-pot it into a larger-sized container, being careful to give the root ball sufficient space to expand and grow. If successful, you could bring indoors to enjoy next Christmas. 

Other ideas: 

  • Charity Collection – Give back as you pack off your tree to pastures new by getting in touch with local charities in your area, many offer tree collection in exchange for a small donation. 
  • Make it mulch – Check if or companies who will accept or even collect old Christmas trees and chip them. 
  • Natural Conservation – the unsung heroes of our sand dunes and hedges, old Christmas trees have been used throughout the UK to maintain the structure of dunes, provide support to dwindling hedge rows and even strengthen sea defences. Look for local projects in your area online. 
November 17, 2022