We have been looking at the beautiful Hampton Court Shows Gardens and wanted to share our favourite which explores innovative solutions for tackling climate change. The RHS Planet-Friendly Garden incorporates resilient and sustainable planting ideas for hot, dry slopes and sunken, wet marginal areas.

We had a look at the plant list too and have shared some we have in stock so you can create a sustainable haven in your own garden. By championing a positive approach to climate change, the plants selected help to attract pollinators, increase biodiversity and have pollution busting qualities. Meanwhile, shade-creating trees were used to create habitats for wildlife and were chosen for their ability to take up and store carbon.

It’s also worth noting the use of upcycling. The garden demonstrates creative ways to use readily available materials in interesting ways that can easily be recreated at home. If you don’t have anything to upcycle, consider using our range of Elho pots which are made with waste and are 100% recyclable!

July 11, 2022