With allotments beginning to wind down from the summer, it’s time to turn our attention to what we can grow and plant throughout the colder months. Not only can you grow vegetables to eat during the autumn and winter, but you can also get a good head start on next year’s crop!

Onions and shallots are great to grow throughout autumn and winter, they’re incredibly hardy and will withstand most bitter frosts. You can, of course, always cover with fleece for an additional layer of protection.

Garlic is an incredibly easy vegetable to start growing now. Like onions and shallots, they have a long harvest season and won’t be ready until next summer – but we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait!

Winter hardy varieties of Spring onions make a delicious addition to any winter salad. Planting them now will provide you with a delicious crop ready for harvest in the early spring.

If you have the room (and patience) now is a great time to start planting Asparagus. These plants take two years to be ready for harvest, so it is a labour of love. Each Asparagus crown can produce 25 spears and will continue to crop for 25 years! Just be sure to select an autumn planting variety of Asparagus to ensure you enjoy these delicious veggies for years to come.

If you’re starting to plan your autumn and winter allotments, be sure to call in and take a look at our huge selection of seeds and starter packs. We have something to suit everyone, whether you’re completely new to growing your own or you’ve been doing it for years.

September 10, 2021