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Resolva Weedkiller 24H RTU 5L Power Pump


Resolva Weedkiller 24H Ready To Use Power Pump is a ready to use weedkiller. Its systemic action controls annual and deep-rooted perennial weeds such as Grasses, Couch grass, Docks, Thistles, Nettles, and Dandelions as well as Bindweed & many more. Visible effects may be seen after 24 hours. The Resolva Power Pump is ideal for clearing large areas of weeds and with 5 minutes controllable spraying, the Resolva Power Pump does all the hard work, so no more tired hands. Kills weeds & roots fast. Visible effects after 24 hours. Kills the roots so weeds don t come back. Ideal power sprayer for large areas. 5 minute controllable spraying. Contains Glyphosate.

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