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As one of the world's leading providers with the most comprehensive range of products and services in the industry, today Weber is internationally synonymous with barbecuing innovation, perfect barbecue products and the ultimate barbecue experience. With offices in over 40 countries on all continents, we continue to promote the Weber BBQ culture around the world.
  • £55.99

    Weber Cast Iron Griddle

    Fits Gourmet BBQ System - What's better than waking up in the morning and enjoying the fresh air and tranquility of your garden Slip out of bed, f...

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  • £7.49

    Smoking Poultry Blend

    Enhance the taste of your barbecued chicken with the Poultry Smoking Blend of wood chips. The perfect blend for a mild hint of sweet flavour that l...

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  • £376.00

    Weber Q 1200 Gas Barbecue with Stand Black

    Create Your Own Little Grill Oasis With A Barbecue As Vibrant And Convenient As Your Grilling Ambitions. Let Steaks Sear On The Grate While You Tos...

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  • £7.49

    Whisky Wood Chips 0.7kg

    Start a new chapter of your barbecuing adventures by adding a smoky flavour to chops, tenderloin or chicken when you barbecue. The whisky wood chip...

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  • £32.99

    Weber Universal Smokerbox - Stainless Steel

    Slow down time and add a new dimension to your barbecue adventures. Pour your choice of wet wood chips into the universal smoker box and place it i...

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  • £20.79

    Western Red Cedar Wood Planks - Small

    Answer the calling - your tastebuds are begging for a smoked dinner or a snack. While the barbecue is getting started, place your favourite fish - ...

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  • £3.49


    Barbecue like there s no tomorrow - rest assured that cleaning the barbecue will be quick and easy. With the coarse side of the sponge you can clea...

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  • £196.99

    Pulse Rotisserie

    Turn your barbecue into a backyard rotisserie. Slow-roast a crispy yet moist whole chicken or tender ribs. The Rotisserie gently rotates food above...

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  • £72.99

    Premium Grill Cover, Fits 57cm charcoal grills

    Embrace the pouring rain, freezing snow and scorching sun. The lightweight yet durable Grill Cover is easy to pull on and off of your barbecue. Its...

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  • £72.99

    Premium Grill Cover, Fits 22inch (57cm) Master-Touch Premium

    Embrace the pouring rain, freezing snow and scorching sun, knowing that whatever the weather, your charcoal barbecue is covered. The lightweight ye...

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  • £43.99

    Premium Carry Bag, Fits Smokey Joe

    The original barbecue was made for our gardens, but why not take a taste of home with you anywhere you go Pack up your portable barbecue and hit t...

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  • £43.99

    Premium Carry Bag, Fits Go-Anywhere

    Call your mates, gather your favourite ingredients and head out on an impulsive adventure. With the handy carry bag it's easy to bring your barbecu...

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  • £72.99

    Poultry roaster, Stainless steel, fits Gourmet BBQ System

    Not your run-of-the-mill poultry roaster. The versatile, 2-in-1 design of the Gourmet BBQ System Poultry Roaster empowers you to barbecue your bird...

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  • £38.49

    Pizza Paddle

    Sprinkle some flour, roll out your dough and top it with meats, veggies or whatever your culinary heart desires. The sturdy stainless steel Pizza P...

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  • £207.99

    Original Kettle E-4710 Black Charcoal Barbecue Black 47cm

    Stay True To The Modern Version Of The Kettle That Started It All The Original Kettle. Updated Features, Including Longer Legs And Increased Stab...

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  • £3.29

    Microfibre Cloth

    Make sure that your barbecue is always shiny without having to spend hours cleaning it. With the microfibre cloth you can easily wipe off and pol...

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  • £319.00

    Master-Touch GBS C-5750 OCEAN BLUE EU

    The Ritual Of Charcoal Barbecuing Meets The Innovative Features, Convenience And Overall Wow Factor Of The Master-Touch Charcoal Barbecue. The Gour...

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  • £4.09

    Lighter Cubes

    Once you've lit coals with Lighter Cubes, you'll never go back. Lighter Cubes are your answer to fast, ash-free, and environmentally safe charcoal ...

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  • £21.79

    Instant-read thermometer

    Gauge your steak's temperature without cutting into your precious piece of meat. The Instant-Read Thermometer provides a fast, accurate digital tem...

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  • £109.99

    Go-Anywhere Charcoal Barbecue

    Travel With A Taste Of Home. While Spending Most Days On The Way To Somewhere Else, The Go-Anywhere Portable Charcoal Barbecue Brings You Back, Eve...

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  • £12.79

    Gas Grill Maintenance Kit

    Real barbecue masters know that it takes maintenance, but only a little effort, to keep your gas barbecue in pristine condition. With the flexible ...

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  • £26.99

    Gas Canister 3-pack

    Power your on-the-go barbecue anywhere, and always have a backup on hand. Each gas canister fuels about three hours of cooking, so whether you re a...

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  • £10.49

    Gas Canister

    Fits: Q 100/1000 series, Performer Deluxe charcoal barbecue, Traveler, Go-Anywhere gas barbecue, and Summit Charcoal series

  • £10.99

    Foil pans, Large, 10 pcs

    The secret to delicious gravy that will keep your family talking all year long lies in a simple foil drip pan. Place a drip pan directly under your...

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