General information

Bedding plants are easy to grow annual plants that require little care and attention but will provide lots of colourful flowers and foliage during the summer months. They prefer partial shade and will grow well in most soil conditions that are well drained.



  • Plant in a cool part of the day, having prepared the area to be planted to ensure the soil or compost is damp with sufficient plant nutrients.
  • Ensure the root ball of the plant is sufficiently damp before planting.
  • Use granular fertiliser and incorporate into the soil or compost if required.
  • Prepare a hole slightly larger than the root ball of the plant and carefully remove the plant from the pot, you can do this by holding the plant in your hand and tapping the pot until the pot falls away.
  • Position the plant in the hole being careful to place soil or compost around the base no deeper than the existing level of the plant, to ensure plant is firmly in position.
  • Gently water the plant immediately after planting to ensure the root ball of the plant and the surrounding soil or compost is sufficiently damp.

General care

  • Water the plants regularly as required during the growing period incorporating a liquid feed every two weeks or as recommended on the fertiliser chosen.
  • Do not allow bedding plants to dry out.
  • Remove faded flowers to encourage new flowers to form.
  • Bedding plants do not require pruning as such but will benefit from removing dead or damaged leaves and occasional light trimming to encourage good shape of growth.


If you would like more information on your chosen plant, we would recommend using the RHS website to search a plant by name or attribute:

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