Why is The Old Glasshouse Cafe called The Old Glasshouse?

John Coletta’s family emigrated from the Italian village of Monte Casino in southern Italy to Hull in 1900. John was one of ten and the family opened their first grocery shop in 1911.

John's father Louigi died from bronchitis in 1925, when John was 14. John’s own son Louie joined the family business and increased the number of grocery shops to

six. John grew tomatoes, cut chrysanths, bedding plants and other fresh items for those shops in allotments at Golflinks Road, Hull.

In 1964 at the age of fifty John had expanded from one allotment to over forty. That year the opportunity to buy the original market garden in Woodmansey arose.

For 40 years the Woodmansey glasshouse was used to grow a vast range of plants. It wasn't until 2005 when the doors opened to the public for the first time.

At first The Outlet (soon to be re-branded as Coletta and Tyson Garden Centre). It wasn't just the garden centre that went through a re-brand. Our café has seen life as        Jurassic Perk, Oasis Café and now The Old Glasshouse

So to answer why is The Old Glasshouse Café called The Old Glasshouse Café. It is in tribute to John Coletta and our family roots and to never forget where we came from, a little allotment on Golflinks Road.


Picture 1: Golflinks Road Allotment   

Picture 2: John Coletta

Picture 3: Jurassic Perk Café

Picture 4: Oasis Café