As many of us will be facing a hosepipe ban in the coming weeks, we have put together a list of tips to help you keep your garden hydrated and thriving.

1. Compost, mulches & bark

A great way to ensure your gardens success is to give the soil the capacity to hold more water. By adding in organic matter such as compost or mulch, you are giving your soil a chance at storing up to 20 times it's weight in water. We recommend Miracle Gro moisture control compost which you can pick up in-store.

2. Collect water

While you can’t use a hose to water your garden, there are a number of ways you can collect water and reuse it to give your plants the best chance. When it does rain, use whatever you can to store it such as water butts. We recommend one of our 200ltr Barrel Water Butt Kits available in-store currently on sale was at £59.99, saving £10. There’s lots of different accessories too such as Water Butt Linking Kits so you can use more than one, take a look in-store.

3. Target the base

The quickest way for plants to absorb water is if you target their roots. You should also prioritise the plants that need water the most, especially ones that have been planted recently and have not yet got an established root system. Why not try some capillary matting which feeds a constant supply of water directly to plant roots. Ask a knowledgeable member of staff in-store for more details!

  1. Only water if you need to

This goes without saying but always check if your soil needs watering or not. Over watering can cause more harm than good. Even though the temperatures continue to rise, your garden might not need to be watered every day. However, on those days when you do need to water use the best watering can which suits your plants. We have lots available in-store in different colours and sizes.

  1. Use water saving gel

Give your plants another little helping hand with water saving gel, which has slow-release moisture control, storing 1L of water per pot. Available in-store and online, the gel ensures water efficiency for any plants within containers or pots. You can also buy this online, follow the link below.


Water Saving Gel 250g — Coletta & Tyson Garden Centre (

August 17, 2022