Our Horticultural Manager, Faris, recently visited the historical city of Pistoia in the heart of Tuscany. The city is well recognised around the globe as the premier region for the production and distribution of ornamental plants and trees.


This is due mainly to its extremely fertile soil and unique microclimate, which varies from 40C in the summer dropping to -15C in the winter, therefore suiting plants which will be hardy in the United Kingdom.


We have used the same nursery in Pistoia for many years, which like ourselves, is a family business, now in its third generation.

Knowledge, experience, and growing techniques have been passed down and evolved, and to date the nursery covers an area of about 40 hectares.

"As we tour the nursery sites, I am able to hand pick and label up the best plants suitable for our Garden Centre, which are then delivered directly to us throughout the year.

Visiting the nursery directly in Pistoia provides us with the opportunity to negotiate the best possible prices and pass these savings on to our customers." says Faris.

Specimen ornamental plants create such an impact in the garden and we are here to give you the best advice and help you choose the perfect plants for your garden.


September 23, 2022