Although august is typically the hottest month of the year, this year is an exception, with the prolonged rain and uncertain weather conditions gardening is not at the top of anyone’s to do list. Whilst you cannot do all the gardening jobs you did last year here are a couple of ideas that are suitable for this month.  


1. Hopefully we will have a late warm season so why not try collecting the rainwater to use to water your plants when necessary.  

2. Plan your space for the autumn and plan what spring bulb you want to plant in your garden

3. Continue to deadhead flowers to prolong flowering 

4. If the weather has been dry for a couple of days give your grass a cut and clear out old plants that have finished flowering  

5. Start planting seeds inside, some seeds can be started in sheltered environments, this is perfect to keep you busy for a couple of hours whilst staying dry. 


Hopefully the weather picks up and we can all be in our gardens again soon. Plan ahead here!

August 01, 2023