Following the launch of our new partnership with Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, Jade from our 4Pets department has decided to do a sky dive to raise funds for the cause!  

Jade will be doing a sky dive on 5th of August for the charity that is close to her heart, and she hopes to spread awareness about how the charity helps so many people.  

About Hull and East Yorkshire Mind

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind are a charity that help and support local people struggling with their mental health, housing, employment concerns and more. Founded in 1976, they continue to expand and help more people each year. Not only do they help individuals but they also support their families, friends and communities with additional information on how to help their loved ones. Hull & East Yorkshire Mind believe that no one should struggle alone, they believe there is no room for stigma, and everyone deserves the chance to live a fulfilled life.   

A few words from Jade: 

“I've never done something like this before so there are some healthy nerves but I'm also super excited! It's an added bonus that I get to do this for such an amazing charity, raising money for Hull and East Yorkshire Mind."

"The reason why I picked Hull and East Yorkshire Mind is because of the wide range of resources and links they offer on their social media and in person from their branch in Hull. In particular, the incredible work they do for the LGBTQIA+ community which means a lot to me as I'm part of that community."

Hull and East Yorkshire Mind says "Those of us who identify as LGBTQIA+ are more likely to struggle with poor mental health. Whatever your identity or background; if you are struggling, we can help."

Here is the link to donate to Jades fundraiser:

Why we support Hull & East Yorkshire Mind 

We all know how important our mental health is but not everyone knows how to support positive mental health. Here at Coletta & Tyson we want to share how the outdoors and gardening can improve your mental health.

Gardening has a known benefit to improve mental health and that is why our team feel strongly about supporting Hull & East Yorkshire Mind. Being out in nature has many benefits for both your mental and physical health. From natural sunlight helping to lower your blood pressure and increase vitamin D levels, to the physicality of gardening which helps to keep your body moving resulting in the release of endorphins which increases happiness. Regular moderate exercise has been found to reduce your risk of many illnesses such as dementia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and more.

Being out in nature surrounded by trees also has many positives for us, they help clean the air around us from toxins such as carbon dioxide, and they also help to improve your concentration levels by absorbing noise radiation. Gardening or relaxing in a shared green space such as allotments or public parks can be a great support system for the vulnerable. Having shared interests and people to talk to can be a lifeline for some that are experiencing loneliness; human interaction alone can be enough to improve some people's mental health.    

As gardening has so many benefits, it is an activity we believe everyone should take part in to help improve poor mental health. For this reason we will continue to support Hull and East Yorkshire Mind over the coming year and continue to share our knowledge and tips with everyone to encourage people to get outside and give it a go.  


June 27, 2023