With Christmas over it is time for a fresh start, this includes your garden. January is the best time to get ahead for the summer months, from keeping on top of debris, pruning your trees and ordering in summer bulbs. With the weather constantly changing frost needs to be monitored and plant supports checked regularly. Staying on top of these will give you a fighting chance to have the best garden in your street.

Here are our top 10 jobs to do this month: 


  • Shred your Christmas tree and use the materials in your garden  
  • Make sure birds have access to food and water  
  • Keep a small area of pond free from ice  
  • Check supports of trees and shrubs  
  • Order seeds and summer bulbs  
  • Clear any leaves from grass 
  • Clear the crowns of plants of damp leaves or debris  
  • Remove any weeds before they get too big  
  • Prune trees into shape  
  • Bring any bulbs that got planted in pots in the autumn into your house, these want transferring when roughly 1 inch tall, this will prolong their flowering life  
January 06, 2023