This is often one of the hottest months of the year and a great time to sit out & enjoy your garden. Keep plants looking good by regularly dead-heading, & you’ll enjoy a longer display of blooms. Make sure you keep new plants well watered, using grey water where possible & hoe off weeds.

1. Check clematis for signs of clematis wilt
2. Care for house plants while on holiday
3. Water tubs and new plants if dry, but be water-wise
4. Deadhead bedding plants & repeat-flowering perennials, to ensure continuous flowering
5. Pick courgettes before they become marrows
6. Treat apple scab
7. Clear algae, blanket weeds & debris from ponds & keep them topped up
8. Start planning for next years spring flowering bulbs
9. Give the lawn a quick-acting summer feed, especially if not given a spring feed
10. Harvest apricots, peaches & nectarines

We know life can get busy during the summer months with holidays and family occasions but plan ahead and avoid neglecting your garden.

July 11, 2023