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Hanging Mushroom Heater Silver


A sleek silver finish add a premium touch to the superbly styled Hanging Mushroom Heater which is designed to provide effective overhead warmth throughout the year.

Connected by chain to a pergola or gazebo, the powerful 1500w halogen heater uses energy efficient infrared technology to ensure that all your guests will be comfortable whatever the weather.

With its remote control operation and built-in LED light, this heater offers the perfect solution for keeping you warm into the evenings.

There are no noxious fumes or emissions and you ll be pleased to know that this eco-friendly heater has a long life span of over 5000 hours. Features: Powerful 1500w heat setting.
Halogen elements heat the body and not the surrounding air for efficiency.
Exceptional long life lamp that provides more than 5000 hours of heat as well as bright light.
Features hanging chain fixing.
IP44 rated for outdoor use.
Complete with LED light and remote control operation.
Steel construction with silver colour finish.

Thank you for shopping with us and supporting your local garden centre in these difficult times