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Common name: Coral bell 

The Heuchera is easy to grow and the perfect choice to add bold and exciting colours to any border or container in partial shade virtually year round. They are easy to grow, versatile and low maintenance. We love the pop of purple from the ‘Wildberry’ variety but there are other colours available. Sometimes the leaves can be marbled or veined, often with wavy or scalloped edges. Keep an eye out for the tiny white, pink or red flowers which are a bonus in the summer months. 


  • Partial or dappled shade.
  • Darker-leaved plants like the Wildberry can often take more sun.  


  • Permanently wet, heavy or very dry soil and
  • Deep shade.
  • Strong summer sun can scorch and crinkle the foliage, especially on paler-leaved plants. 
August 30, 2022